Whether caused by surgical procedures, accidents or other factors, scarring can cause significant distress for individuals, often impacting self-image and confidence. Scars may be raised or recessed, different in colour or texture from the surrounding healthy tissue or particularly noticeable due to their size, shape or location. Discoloration or surface irregularities and other more subtle scars can be cosmetically improved. These types of scars do not impair function or cause physical discomfort.  They include acne scars and scars resulting from minor injury and prior surgical incisions.


Scar revision procedures aim to minimise the scar so that it is more consistent with the surrounding skin colour, tone and texture. Our Sublative technology can reduce the size and shape of scars to help individuals feel more confident about their appearance. Elos Sublative is a skin treatment designed to yield maximum results with minimal invasion or discomfort. The treatment has been shown to be safe and effective on all skin types.


Sublative technology is neither laser or light based. Instead, this state-of-the-art technology uses fractionated bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) directed to the skin in the form of a matrix. The micro-electrodes create controlled heating of the upper dermis where it can produce a significant increase in both collagen and elastin with minimal epidermal disruption.

The fractional nature of the RF delivery system causes micro-epidermal ablative punctures.

This initiates a strong wound healing response in the dermal matrix while also minimising the damage to the epidermis. Less affected tissue surrounding the matrix points are stimulated by peripheral heating which helps accelerate the healing process, leading to a smoother, rejuvenated appearance and a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, skin irregularities and stretch marks.

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