VelaShape 3 after Surgery in Melbourne

Cosmetic surgical procedures can in many cases involve significant changes to the body.  VelaShape 3 is clinically proven and FDA approved technology which helps to enhance surgical results and treat surgery side effects.  It is commonly used after liposuction and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedures to reduce swelling, decrease bruising and tighten the skin.


VelaShape 3 treatment stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage including the detoxification process and is an essential tool to smooth and even the appearance of the skin.  It stimulates collagen production which supports the healing process and helps to improve the texture of the skin.


VelaShape 3 can typically commence almost immediately after liposuction surgery and 3-4 weeks after tummy tuck (once scar has completely healed).  It is typically recommended to have 3-5 sessions at weekly intervals to assist in fine tuning post-surgical results and improving individual patient outcomes.


Contact vivAllure and start your VelaShape 3 treatment to enhance your surgery results. Medically tested to tightening skin, even skin tone and texture and reduce localised fat.


Powered by elos technology, VelaShape 3 combines Infrared (IR), bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) and pulsed vacuum to precisely heat the tissue up to a depth of 30mm. The synergistic use of these energies causes deep heating of the adipocytes fat cells, their surrounding connective fibrous septae and the underlying dermal collagen fibers. Efficient heating of the adipocytes is achieved through higher output of the RF.
VelaShape 3 technology combines bi-polar Radiofrequency (RF), infrared light energy in addition to vacuum and mechanical massage to administer targeted heat to fatty tissue. The treatment is able to combat adipose tissue, by shrinking the size of the fat cells. The radio frequency works below the dermis layer of skin, heating the fatty adipose tissue and shrinking the fat cells. The infrared heat penetrates to the dermis layer, stimulating collagen production. The new collagen production brings about smoother, firmer and tighter skin.
The optimal design of the electrodes and the concurrent application of vacuum allows for deeper and faster heat penetration, promoting an increase in circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and collagen depositing. This stimulates fibroblast activity and remodels the extracellular matrix, resulting in a localised reduction in skin laxity, fat, cellulite and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture.

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At vivAllure we offer the following products to complement and enhance our body contouring treatments

After body contouring surgical procedures (Liposuction, tummy tuck, abdominal operation) it is essential to wear the right compression garment to accelerate healing in comfort. The garment helps body contouring and skin retraction by firm compression of the skin during the recovery process. It minimizes skin irregularities and helps to reduce bruising, swelling and general discomfort.


  • Improves posture
  • Supports muscles
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Provides back support
  • Helps new mothers regain pre-pregnancy shape
  • Accentuates slimmer figure
  • Lifts buttocks
  • Firms and flattens tummy
  • Instant hourglass curves
  • Perfect complement to your favourite outfits
  • Made with PowerNet high compression for optimal shaping and cotton coated fabric for greater comfort
  • Natural Butt Lifting effect
  • Low, medium and high abdominal reinforcement
  • Four lines of adjustable hooks, helping to adjust size on your convenience
  • Silicone lace leg prevents the gathering of the garment
  • Vitafit complex: helps heal and hydrate skin tissues (seaweed, Ginkgo Biloba, Cosmacol EMI and Vitamin E)
  • 84% polyamide 16% elastane

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Treatment Summary


  • Proven to be the perfect technology for treating skin laxity, fat deposits and cellulite
  • Safe and effective for ALL body areas
  • Non-invasive: no needles, incisions or anesthesia needed
  • Comfortable with no down-time, an outpatient procedure
  • Regulatory status: FDA approved, CE Cleared
  • Virtually painless, no discomfort
  • Convenient: It takes 15 – 30 minutes on each treatment area
  • Stimulates circulation: a result of the vacuum and mechanical massage
  • Visual results from second treatment session

Procedure Time

from 15-30 min on each treatment area

Back to Work



No needed




Visible after second session

Risk and complications

Bruising and redness (fades within an hour)

Duration of Results

Long-lasting with maintenance

Treatment Interval

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