During pregnancy, a woman´s body undergoes several physical changes. The abdominal muscles stretched to their limit and the lower back muscles must compensate the swift in the centre of gravity. The baby takes up a considerable amount of space inside the body pushing the internal organs to accommodate the uterus. When the baby born leaves an empty uterus and it takes approximately six weeks for this organ to shrink back to its normal size and the organs do not immediately return to their pre-pregnancy locations, either.

Want to tighten, firm up and get your body back after pregnancy?  

Our Master body contouring treatment VelaShape 3 in Melbourne is the latest technology of recognised Syneron-Candela. Our targeted procedures ensure that your body appears firm and toned. You are easily able to get rid of loose skin, unwanted localised fat and cellulite. Get into the look you desire and and recover your pre baby body with our body contouring procedures

Want to fade challenging post-pregnancy stretch marks with resurfacing laser?

eMatrix laser skin resurfacing is an FDA-cleared treatment that gently resurfaces the skin over 4 to 5 treatments. Despite the fact we can treat any type of stretch marks, the highest success rate is achieved when marks are targeted during their early stages, while a reddish/pink/purple colour is still present.

Want to fade your c-section scar with resurfacing laser?

Sublative eMatrix RF is the world’s first radio-frequency only non-laser and non-light-based aesthetic procedure that is FDA-cleared to treat a range of skin conditions and skin types safely. The scar revision treatment gently resurfaces the skin over 4 to 5 treatments. Start now and get your confidence back!

Want to bring the glow back and rejuvenate your skin? 

Gym for the Skin Workouts are a great treatment to instantly soft and hydrate skin. It combines acidic solutions (salicylic acid, lacitic acid, glycolic acid) with active ingredients (Vitamin A, B, C, Hyaluronic Acid, Tripeptides) in order to stimulate the skin exfoliation, depigmentation and revitalization through promotion of the glucosaminoglicans, fibroblasts and remodeling of the elastin and collagen fibers.

Want to reverse the signs of ageing with our Advanced Facial treatments?

Trinity Plus is the most complete rejuvenation program on the market. Combining colour correction, contouring (facelift) and resurfacing technologies in a single session, this treatment is designed for those seeking fast results

Enhance your skin and body treatments

Want to recover your pre baby body and feel amazing? 

Is essential for new mums to wear a medical compression garment after giving birth. It helps to feel comfortable by putting pressure and supporting abdomen area, hips, legs and backside. A gentle abdominal compression stimulates the uterus to return to its normal size.


  • Feel confident. It is normal to have a bulging belly; compression garments make you feel and look thinner
  • Recover your pre-baby shape. Compression garments prevents a sagging stomach and ensure the loosing skin tightens properly
  • Give more freedom of movement and flexibility
  • Help to reduce swelling
  • Alleviate back pain and support distended abdominal muscles.
  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce scar tissue and reduce pressure of scar and surrounding tissue
  • Help to prevent C-section problems: bacterial infections of the incision, pelvic adhesions and scarring.
  • After a C-section, it reassurances the incision wound will not burst open, especially when you cough, sneeze and bend down.

The benefits of a post-partum girdle are proven and effective, wear your garment discreetly but without shame. Support comes in many shapes and sizes!!

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