Acne Scar Revision

Improve the facial skin colour, texture and wrinkles without the need for invasive surgery. The ‘triniti’ skin series combines three effective treatments in one session. This technology results in colour correction, a reduction of fine and deep wrinkles, to achieve a total facial renewal with minimum discomfort and downtime.


  • Case 1. Post 2tx. Ariel Haus M.D
  • Case 2. Post 3tx. Ruthie Amir M.D
  • Case 3. Post 1tx. Ruthie Amir M.D

Any before and after photos displayed are actual results from the device used at VivAllure Clinic. However, results will vary and may be different for each individual. It is important to book a free consultation to have your concern assessed by our trained staff and a personalised treatment plan developed for you.

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